Natural Soy Candles In Containers for Every Decor

As a decorator and owner of Starmen Galleries and Design, when I looked for candles, I felt the need for a unique container, as well as a clean burning wax, that does not leave a soot residue on your furniture and walls. With that need in mind, F.I.G. Candle Company was launched.

We are very excited to offer you hand poured soy candles in numerous fragrances and containers! These candles will give your home a beautiful fragrance adding light and warmth to every room. Our containers are of high quality, refillable, and will add a decorator's touch to each space that they grace.  Our candles have lead free wicks, and are environmentally friendly. 

We work closely with our perfumist to create unforgettable scents, and, because they burn at a lower temperature, they distribute the scent more evenly throughout your home.

You might think that with all of these wonderful benefits, soy candles would not be affordable. But, just the opposite is true! Soy candles burn much slower than regular candles. They generally last 50% longer than petroleum based candles, which makes them more affordable in the long run!

F.I.G. is an acronym for Faith in God.  God has blessed me and I am proud to walk with Him, and share His word whenever I can.

We're proud of our soy candles.  Thank you for visiting our website, and please come back again.